Friday, May 6

A C.L.A.S.S. Act

Ted unveiled the Comprehensive Learning Assessment for Students and Schools (CLASS) Act in a speech this week. There can be little doubt that the education crisis, or more accurately Taft's complete inability to deal with the education crisis, will be one of the biggest issue's in the 2006 election. The CLASS Act is a sort of amendment of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

The CLASS Act would reward schools with lots of students in Advanced Placement classes and low dropout rates. It would also allow schools to have more leeway in the number of students taking special needs classes or alternative classes. These two changes to NCLB are much needed to say the least. In my high school, there is only two AP courses. I went to college a lot less prepared than other students. It is frustrating to see so many kids in different districts with such a better education. Also, my high school had a limited number of classes for students with learning disabilities or special needs. NCLB allows only one percent of students to have access to have an alternative means of testing other than the profinency test. There were many more students than one percent -- which would only be eight students in my high school -- that required such an alternative means.

It's good to see Ted out there so early with an education plan. No, it's not a state education plan per se, but it definitely shows he wants to change things to meet the needs and desires of actual teachers, which is something President Bush seems unwilling to do.

Ted to Run!

Back in November when I started this blog, I had the intentions of morphing it into a site in support of my Congressman, Ted Strickland, when he decided to run for governor. I interned in his office in Boardman, OH in the Summer of 2004, when he was actively traveling across the state to weigh his options for a possible gubernatorial run and I thought he would run for sure. So, I made this site in hopes of supporting his run.

In January, Strickland announced that he would not run for Governor. The move was looked at as opening the door for fellow Congressman Sherrod Brown to run with Strickland's support. Brown has since rejected the opportunity to run. That allowed Strickland to reevaluate his chances in the gubernatorial race of this great state. After careful consideration, Strickland has informed Ohio Democrats (and the rest of the world) that he will indeed run for Governor of Ohio in 2006.

This site will now and for the rest of the future be bent towards supporting Congressman Strickland's run. However, I will cover all aspects of the Ohio Gubernatorial race, as I planned to all along. 2006 is the best possible opportunity for Democrats to reclaim a position which has alluded them for sixteen years. The law of averages tells us we have to win one of these times. With the close 2004 election results and the brutal pounding GOP candidates will take in the primary against each other, Democrats are poised to reclaim the Governor's mansion. I believe that Ted Strickland offers Democrats the best possible chance to do just that.

Watch this space in the future for many more updates about the race. And, Go Ted Go!