Tuesday, November 30

What Have They Been Up To?

This will be a weekly segment where I run down all the gubernatorial candidates and what they've been doing for the past week, if anything noteworthy, as they begin their ride to Columbus in 2006. There is a whole lot of action on the Republican side and the Democratic side still can't decide if they want to decide if they want to run for Governor.

Jim Petro - The Attorney-General has recently filed a suit against a Columbus drug manufacturer, claiming that the company overcharged consumers for certain drugs. Now, I'm not one to speculate, but this is a sound political move for Mr. Petro. Not only will it be in the news now and whenever the case goes to court, meaning he will get some exposure and air-time, but it also sends a symbol to Ohio that he is looking out for the "little guy" against the big, bad drug companies. This is also the second suit Petro has filed this year against a drug company. No offense to him, but this is definately some posturing for a run for Governor.

Kenneth Blackwell - Mr. Recount in the state of Ohio right now. As Keith Olbermann reports, Blackwell has come out against Jesse Jackson, who demanded a recount "on behalf" of Sen. Kerry, this week. The more you read on in the article, the more you can tell that ol' Kenny-boy is just trying to do nothing wrong, not exactly do everything right. He knows if he slips up during his time of national exposure, he will have no chance of beating Petro or Montgomery. Very smart moves by Blackwell in all, but that doesn't mean I agree with them completely.

All the other "candidates" have been rather silent. Cong. Strickland has been busy introducing legislation over in Washington, but whether or not that has anything to do with running for governor is a bit unforeseen at this point. All and all, a slow week for the gubernatorial race.


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