Saturday, November 27


Welcome to Destination: Columbus '06. This site is being created in the aftermath of the 2004 election in order to focus on the next big election in Ohio: the Gubernatorial race in 2006. Under the leadership of Governor Bob Taft (R) over the last eight years, Ohio has seen a shaky economy, spiraling budget deficits and a general downhill trend in education. The Statehouse in Columbus has also been rocked with scandals involving the ex-Speaker of the House, Larry Householder (R).

All of these issues, and much more, will be discussed as this site rolls along. As of this moment, no Democratic candidates have officially announced their intent to run. As for the Republicans, the leading contenders are widely believed to be Jim Petro, who made a sort of de facto announcement after Nov. 2, Kenneth Blackwell, and Betty Montgomery. They have moved up a sort of "cursus honorum" in Ohio politics and they all believe it is their turn to reside in the Governor's mansion.

This site is intended to remain rather non-partisan, although I will be honest and tell you that I am a registered Democrat. I will focus on directing you to news stories and then providing some sort of running commentary to them as they develop. I will also be posting biographies about each of the candidates and what pluses/minuses each brings to the table. I hope this will be an evolving process, but always feel free to comment on this website. Thanks so much ahead of time. Let's look forward to a race that has all the potential of being very close and highly controversial.


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