Saturday, November 27

(More) Election Problems

There is a very good story that was posted a few days ago about all the problems with voting in Ohio on November 2nd. Money quote:

The unavoidable conclusion is that this year's election in Ohio was deeply flawed, that thousands of Ohioans were denied their right to vote, and that the ultimate vote count is very much in doubt.

Read the rest here. Undoubtedly, no matter what happens in Ohio, there will not be near enough votes to change the results. There is just no logical, or mathematical, way that Kerry could pick up the 135,000+ votes he needs by a recount or provisional ballots. That doesn't mean we shouldn't examine what went wrong in this election, however. No matter if it changes the results or not, making sure every vote has been counted is a very worth-while and noble cause. Besides, we all know what could happen in elections these days.


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