Sunday, November 28

Democratic Chances

Here is an editorial written earlier this year. Among the most staggering (and most correct) claims from the author is that

All things being equal, the next governor of Ohio should be a Democrat.


But there's something else these Republicans also know: Things are far from equal in Ohio, because the very same Democratic powers who will spend 2006 trying to end 16 years of Republican rule are utterly clueless as to how to get the job done.
This is perhaps the most frightening fact for Ohio Democrats: they haven't won in so long that they may not remember how. Everything else seems to be in their favor, but an organization which lead to the crushing defeat of their Senate candidate, Eric Fingerhut, to a vunerable George Voinovich, certainly does not seem poised to capture the Governor's Mansion in November 2006. There needs to be a drastic restructuring of the Ohio Democratic Party in order to get in touch with a state that hasn't had a Democratic leader since the 1980s.


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